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Medical Assistants 

Interview Tips for Medical Assistants 

5 Job Interview Tips for Medical Assistants

Let’s be honest – you just want to work as a medical assistant and help others. You know you’ll do a great job, and you have the education you need. Wouldn’t it be great if someone would give you a job based on those qualifications alone?

In a dream world, yes. But this is real life, and you’ll need to nail the interview to get the medical assistant position. Here are a few tips you can use both before and during a job interview to show why you’d be a great fit for the job.

Come prepared

It’s a well-known rule of thumb for a reason: Researching a prospective employer before you sit down for an interview shows initiative and a genuine interest in the position. Head to the employer’s website to learn about the company and what may be required of you as a medical assistant. If possible, talk to former or current employees to get a feel for the workplace environment. And remember to bring a list of questions to ask the interviewer – this shows that you’re engaged and may help you stand out above other candidates who are simply looking for a paycheck.

Beware of your social media presence

That late-night party may have been a blast, but do the photos really show off your best side? Not all employers look through candidates’ social media accounts, but some do, so take a quick scan of your profiles. Delete any questionable photos, posts with possible inappropriate language, or anything else that might give an employer second thoughts about hiring you. Interviewers should be focused on your skills and knowledge as a medical assistant – not the recap of your spring break trip.

Show off what you know …

If you’ve secured a job interview, you’ve probably already graduated from an accredited medical assistant program . So talk up your experiences in the classroom and make it clear that you’re qualified for the position. Any relevant experience in the medical field is a plus, as is knowledge of legal guidelines like HIPAA and OSHA. Be honest about your qualifications, but don’t sell yourself short – if you meet the employer’s needs, be sure to speak up.

And be prepared to learn more

There’s always room for improvement. So even if you feel like the most qualified medical assistant in the world, be sure to emphasize your enthusiasm for the profession and your willingness to learn more. Some employers might even prefer it if you’re not too entrenched in your ways – they’d rather you be flexible and adaptive to a new environment.

Be yourself

Employers are looking for qualified, knowledgeable employees, yet they also want someone who will fit well within the office and work as a team player. So show a little personality. Talk about why you decided to enter the health care field and how you’re excited to help others. If the interviewer asks about specific personality traits, be honest and open. You’ll come off as more friendly and likeable if you’re relaxed and acting like yourself.

Being prepared for a job interview starts with the right education. If you’re ready to prepare for a career as a medical assistant, contact IntelliTec Medical Institute today to learn more about our Medical Assistant program.