Become a Personal Fitness Trainer

5 Reasons to Earn Your Personal Fitness Training Certificate  

Are you an avid exerciser?  Are you passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle?  If so, the fitness industry may be an excellent area in which to pursue a career.  As a personal fitness trainer, you can lead, instruct and motivate individuals or groups through cardiovascular exercise, strength training and stretching.


If you’re a regular at the gym or love to help others reach their goals, personal fitness training may be the way to go.  Here are five reasons you should earn your certificate:


1.    It’s an in-demand career field – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of fitness trainers and instructors is expected to grow by 24% through 2020, faster than average for all occupations.


2.    You can make a difference – Being a personal fitness trainer can be a truly inspiring and rewarding career choice.  You can work one-on-one with your clients to help them reach their goals.  Helping others change their life can be a wonderful experience.


3.    Your job can keep you healthy – How many jobs actually help keep you in good shape?  Instead of sitting all day and being tempted by the break room donuts, as a fitness trainer, you are able to be up and active, leading others in exercise.  Studies show that inactive jobs that require sitting behind a computer all day can actually contribute to weight gain.


4.    You’ll have a unique work environment – A career as a personal fitness trainer won’t leave you sitting at a desk all day, every day.  As a personal fitness trainer, you can enjoy a wide range of settings, from gyms and health clubs to taking your business to clients’ home and businesses. 


5.    You can enjoy job security – The need for personal fitness trainers is not only increasing, but should remain strong.  Today’s active baby boomer population and widespread focus on childhood obesity are contributing to this career’s growth.

Thinking about a career as a personal fitness trainer?  IntelliTec Medical Institute offers a training program that can help you pursue a career in the field.  You, too, can enjoy the perks of being a personal fitness trainer!